First World Probs of Being a Student Athlete

Being a 4 year student athlete at Winona has been fun and all, however it is a huge time comittment with a lot of sacrifices. Sometimes you feel that your social life is being cock blocked by a sport which is 100% true. In this blog today I’m going to talk about the first world problems of being a student athlete. So welcome to my life in a nutshell right here.

1. No drinking 24 hours before a practice and 48 hours before a meet. (We have practice every day and a meet almost every weekend, therefore going out is non existent).

2. Never able to look cute for class. As as student athlete we have lifting and practice all the time, therefore going to class in your work out clothes or all sweaty is usually my regular appearance.

3. Coming back on Sunday nights where group meetings and campaigns meetings will consume your life the rest of the night. Being a student athlete usually I will travel 4-9 hours for most meets and when I get back Sunday night I usually have to stay on campus the rest of the night wanting to shoot myself.

4. Have never been able to go out on a thirsty thursday.

5.  Going home on weekends will not happen all semester.

6. My team is my family. We eat together, cry together laugh together and are each others best support system.

7. A lot of your weekend nights consist of hanging out with a recruit

8. Your friends give you shit for not ever going out and calling you lame, when in reality you would love to but you can’t because of the drinking rules.

9. Having the biggest appetite because your life consists of working out. All you want to do is eat.

10. You think planning your registration for classes is hard? Try planning your schedule around tennis meets, lifting and every day practices. IMPOSSIBLE.

Tennis Teamm


3 thoughts on “First World Probs of Being a Student Athlete

  1. I’ve always wanted to know what being in a school sport was like. I considered trying out for the tennis team, but at that time I had already had a job and joined a sorority, and I figured that probably would not have been the best idea. Now I know i did (if I were to have made it). But I’m sure you have made many memories to last you a lifetime, and hopefully it’s been worth it!

  2. Hopefully, though, it’s been good experiences for the most part. These are just the down-sides, but lots of good memories, friendships and experiences, too, I hope! In my time at WSU, I have noticed that student-athletes are very well prepared for class, have their homework done and done well, ask questions, and all-in-all, are well prepared and good all-around students AND nice people 🙂 And that includes you, too, Andrea!

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