The Struggles of an Almost Grad

Many of us are about to graduate, including myself which is the most bitter sweet things I have ever experienced. As my dad says this is the most humbling part of your life due to frustration. My newest past time hobby includes….applying for jobs…non stop. I personally believe the most frustrating part of the process is having an interview with a company and afterwards realizing you are more overqualified for that job and not even getting it. Also it’s going to be a harsh reality when going out and drinking whenever you please is a thing of the past. The day drinking, thirsty thursdays, sunday fundays, and whatever else occasion you find to drink are numbered. Because come on, who day drinks at home with their parents after graduation? I have accepted the fact that in one short month I will be living at home with my parents, unemployed and single. But hey I guess i’m not alone on that one. Also the conversations about how we were freshman getting written up in the dorms for drinking are becoming frequent throw back conversations that seem to happen more and more long ago. For the time being i’m going to soak up every moment of being a careless college student before it’s time to be a real person. Sunday Funday anyone?

Graduate probs


4 thoughts on “The Struggles of an Almost Grad

  1. This is so relatable even though I won’t be graduating until next year. I find myself worrying about graduation already though mainly because Im already in that internship phase. This was a well written post though! Keep up the good work!

  2. I was talking to some other students who graduate next month and realize things will never be the same. Lots to look forward to: Regular work schedules that possibly won’t include weekends, a decent night’s sleep, not feeling hung-over and eating too much greasy food to compensate… So while these great years are soon over, you have a lot of new chapters to look forward to! Cheers!

  3. I think the drinking actually might pick up after college. Dealing with the real world makes you thirsty I hear.

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