Reeses Eggs Over Everything

Easter is right around the corner and sure it’s not as hyped up as other holidays, however the Reeses egg makes Easter just that much more exciting. From what I know almost the entire population is obsessed with Reese eggs. I swear they have crack in them, they are just too good. There are giant, medium sized and mini Reeses eggs in which buying in bulk is always the safer decision. The best thing also is that they are only 47 cents at freedom gas station! Doesn’t get much better than that right? When it comes to my Easter basket every year, I always request the easter bunny to put a shit ton of Reeses eggs in it. Why? Because Reeses eggs aren’t available all year long so when these eggs go into hibernation until the next Easter I want to be as prepared as possible to handle the situation. I’m sure many of you feel my pain as well with the situation. Oh- and if you feel really adventurous buy the white chocolate reeses eggs, they are just as good, if not better than the milk chocolate. Therefore when you have a free moment of time consider buying as many Reeses eggs as possible because your time is becoming numbered with these little slices of heaven.

Reeses eggs


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