Hot Trend Hot Yoga

Alright, so i’m sure many of you have heard of hot yoga before. However how many of us have actually tried it? I’m sure many of you fitness people have gone to the wellness center or even ran around the lake for exercise. However a new trend/source of exercise I have been getting into is hot yoga. As we all know sometimes activities in Winona are limited because it’s a small town and we don’t want to spend money. At Infinity, they provide these hot yoga classes I am talking about and they are actually pretty great. Yes, a hot room and different exercises does make a great stress reliever. Plus these classes are extremely affordable. Every Thursday at 5 p.m Infinity offers a hot yoga class for $5. It’s an hour long and is a great way to calm down and feel stress free. Yes, this is for both men and women so men don’t feel ashamed about attending this either! Next time you are bored and need a little pick me up, try attending one of these hot yoga classes. Especially during finals week, this could be a life saver 🙂






3 thoughts on “Hot Trend Hot Yoga

  1. I have actually never heard of this, but it does sound extremely interesting. I do exercise regularly, and I do find yoga to be one exercise I find extremely difficult and strength building. I couldn’t imagine attempting to hold myself up in yoga positions with sweaty palms though, but it definitely intrigues me!

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