Yes, Winona has a Tennis Team!

I’m sure most of you have watched a tennis match before such as Wimbledon, US open or maybe even a friend’s match. But believe it or not, Winona State has a tennis team as well (which I play on). Yes, Winona State has a women’s tennis team and our spring season is right now. We play at the west campus indoor courts and have meets just about every weekend. Sure it’s not your typical campus sport like football or basketball, but women’s tennis needs some love too! That’s why I’m encouraging you guys to come out and watch us play. There isn’t much to do in Winona anyways, so try something different and come watch an action filled tennis match. Our next home meet is this Saturday at 12 p.m against Duluth and Sunday at 9am against Sioux Falls. So next time your bored aka this weekend, come try something different and come watch Winona State tennis team play!

Tennis team


2 thoughts on “Yes, Winona has a Tennis Team!

  1. I honestly didn’t know that Winona had a tennis team but that’s awesome! I love playing tennis even though I am embarrassingly bad. I rock my Serena and Venus Williams rackets that I got in the 6th grade though…

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