Who Needs A Valentine Anyways?

So I’m sure all of you are aware Valentines Day is Friday aka Single Awareness Day. Sure, some of you may have a valentine to celebrate it with, but I’m sure many of you don’t as well. Sulking because it’s Valentines Day is not acceptable, because this is a day you should treat yourself. Who ever said you can’t be your own Valentine? Take this day and make it about YOU. It is Friday, so it is the end of the week, so why not a better excuse to relax and pamper yourself. First, go buy yourself some nice flowers and Starbucks in the morning. This is what a Valentine would do right? But who says you can’t pick out your own flowers to spice up your room in the middle of this frozen tundra? After your classes and activities are done for the day, go to the grocery store and buy a nice meal and a bottle of Moscoto, and when I say a bottle, I mean a giant bottle. When you get home go and take the time to cook yourself a nice meal and enjoy a glass or entire bottle of Moscoto. Pop in a chick flick as well and enjoy your night. I guarantee following these steps will make your Valentines Day, a day of happiness and about you. So instead of dreading this day, look forward to it and remember you don’t need anyone else to make you happy but yourself.



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