Active Life Happy Life

When it comes to winter, one of the things I hate most is the lack of fresh air and motivation to keep active. Being a college student, I understand that getting a college education is expensive and most of us want the most bang out of our buck, especially when it comes to paying our tuition. So why not take advantage of working out for free with Winona’s three story fitness center? Being a student athlete here at Winona has required me to stay active and hitting the gym up as much as possible. The third story track, second level of exercise machines and 1st level of weight lifting equipment gives any student a variety of work outs to choose from. Also there are a variety of work out classes available at Winona’s fitness center to spice up anyone’s work out. These work out classes are free as well for any Winona State student and include turbo kick, butt and gut, tighten and tone, total conditioning, yoga, pilates and zumba.Working out daily and lifting a couple of times a week has been the best way to take my mind off the stress in my life throughout my four years of college at Winona. Along with relieving stress, I have noticed an improvement in my overall strength and speed at practices by simply hitting the gym an hour a day. Staying active in winter is crucial for one’s overall health to one’s body and greatly helps prevent muscle deterioration. So instead of sitting around waiting for warmer weather to be active, I encourage you to get out there and make goals for yourself physically. Exercise is simply one of the best ways to avoid the winter blues!


This Integrated Wellness Center human logo picture was done by my tennis team promoting the IWC to  encourage WSU students to get active with Winona’s fitness center.


4 thoughts on “Active Life Happy Life

  1. Winter in Minnesota can be one of the hardest times to get yourself to leave the house and become active! Even if it is just getting yourself off the couch and becoming active around the house in any way, or even better getting to the gym on a regular is always a great idea.

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